Lord, Why Me?

Why choose me, Lord?

My whole life I’ve felt like I was nothing and nothing is what I’d always be. As my life has went on I can’t help but to stop and ask, “Why?”

With all my wrongs I’ve ever done and all my sins I’ve begged to be forgive, Yet you still choose me, “Why?”

I know I’m not supposed to ask, But Why choose this mess to bless?

I’ll stop asking for now, Instead I’ll just pray and give thanks as I weep…

Thank you Lord for all you’ve given me! Thank you for everything God! Thank you for my life, my salvation, and my family. Lord, without You and them I’d be nothing! Thank you for their kind hearts and their spirits for keeping me going even when I want to quit! Thank you for all my Angels than You have sent! Thank you for clothes on my back that keep me warm, The food on the table that calms my hungry stomach, and the home that I share with my three loves! Thank for the birth of your Son on this day,Only for Him to sacrifice His life so I can live eternally with You! Thank you for it all and I know I’ll never be able to give You all the thanks you deserve!

(Sorry for all the exclamation points (!) I just can’t help the passion I feel for the love my Father has given me)


Family Traditions

Almost everyone I know has a family traditions during the Christmas season including us, Venture with me as I tell you a few of ours!

  • A few years ago we started playing the Saran wrap ball game and its addictive! Basically you wrap a bunch of fun stuff such as candy, small toys, Lottery tickets, money etc. in Saran wrap and you roll dice to play.

If I’ve completely lost you here’s a link to show you how to make the Saran wrap ball and how to play…

Link for How-To: The Saran Wrap Ball Christmas Party Game Challenge (Original)

  • Every year on Christmas Eve Santa comes and pays us a visit! He sits in our Dad’s recliner, the kids hop up on his lap and the talk to him, Then we all gather around the Christmas tree for a picture with him. Sadly, our Dad is always gone somewhere when he comes to visit and he never gets to see him. 😉
  • Every Christmas we all pile up in the living room and Dad reads us the true Christmas story out of the Bible. The real reason for  Christmas to me is the birth of Jesus and how he came into this world to pay the price for our sins so we can live in His father’s house eternally…(True Story Bro) (Laughs)
  • After Thanksgiving we all gather at Nana’s and Papaw’s house to decorate the tree. We gather in the living room, play Christmas music and decorate the tree. Personally I like to put mine up on Halloween and take it down the day after Valentine’s Day, But every man to his own I guess. (Laughs)


  • Every year Dad takes just us girl minus Nana out Christmas Shopping…Most of the time we just buy ourselves present, But hey, we need presents too!


  • We all meet up at Bristol Motor Speedway for the Christmas in Lights for Children’s Charities. There massive race track is lit up with lights and after you go thru the light there is Christmas village. When you go to Christmas Village they have many vendors, several marshmallow roasting pits, and Santa’s Studio!

Family traditions are so much fun to do and to look back on or pass down to our kids, But we must never forget the real reason for Christmas!

A New Job!


After many of years, on and off of working at Tri County Tire Dumpy decided to look for a new job. Since the girls have been born he has realized working 6 days a week leaves him with little to no time with his family and the pay ($7.25 an Hour) isn’t really worth it either.


When He first told me about finding another job the only good advice I knew to give him was to pray and leave it in God’s hands. Within a week of job searching we was told by 3 people that they guaranteed him a job. He went thru all the right steps by making phone calls, filling out applications, and keeping in touch with the people who told him about it…..all with no luck.


After about a month of praying a lady had told us she was the one who does the hiring and firing and she guaranteed him a job, After a couple of weeks of submitting that application we finally heard back that there was a position opening just not a the location he wanted.


The next day as I was standing in my kitchen I started worrying about that job opportunity and questioned if that’s where he really needed to be. The only thing I knew to do was to stop worrying and start praying. I started praying, But not how I normally pray. I started talking out loud to God just like he was right there in my kitchen. As I was talking to God words spoke to me and without a doubt I knew who it was.


 “No, Not this one.”, “Be still.”, “Trust me for I am with you.”


Those words rang in my head and when Dumpy came home I told him and he decided to trust what I had heard and let the job pass. At the time I didn’t understand why God would hand him a job only to ask him to let it go, But we knew we had to have faith and trust Him.


Within a week of letting this job go by another job was handed to him and he starts on December the 3rd! This job is within a 15 minute drive from our house, he has more time off to spend with his family, and he will be making $1.25 more an hour!


This was a hard lesson for us and it taught us we need to trust Him more. The way I see it is if he made everything on this beautiful earth is 6 days then why shouldn’t we trust Him with our daily lives? I thank God so much for this job and for leading us in the right direction.


God is good all the time and all the time God is good! – God’s Not Dead

Playing With Fire!

Will today be the last time I hug or kiss him bye?

My husband been working at our town’s over tire shop on and off for 5 years. I worry everyday that today will be the last day I see him alive. There are so many issues with this shop, But when you live in a small town like we do jobs are scarce and you take one if you can find it.


Since Dumpy (My Husband) began working there I’ve noticed many hazardous  conditions that him and the fellow-men have to work in. The boss doesn’t do much of the labor work and really doesn’t seem to care about the employees safety. When something does happen he just laughs and says,”That’ll happen sometimes.” Sometimes when I think about it I don’t want to let him go to work. Here are just a few hazardous conditions;


  • On one occasion a fellow employee was rushed by the boss to get a vehicle in and out, He set the lift for the vehcile and it slipped and  barely missed him.


  • Sometimes when a tractor tire comes in to be repaired they are instructed to empty the remained fluid and refill once the tire has been fixed, They are never given protection equipment when handling this dangerous chemical.


  • On occasions when filling a tire with air they can exploded if the tire is not in good condition, Normally it’s powerful enough to knock an employee multiple feet away, Yet their boss does not instruct them to use the safety cage when doing so.


  • When fixing a hole in a tire they used a patch, They are told to make sure it has a good seal to put Lighter fluid on the patch and light it with a cigarette lighter. (Yes! A lighter with NO protection!)


Today Dumpy had to do just that, He had to fix a hole in a tire and do you wanna guess what happened???


After He put the fluid on the patch and lit it the flame circled back and practically exploded in his face causing the hair on his beard, hair, arms, chest, knuckles, hands, nose to be singed and it burned his lips along with the tip of his tongue.


Afterwards, I had called to tell the manager to write a report up for me since the boss was gone because odds are I was talking him to the ER and his/her reply was, “Why? There’s nothing their gonna do.” Because of that statement Dumpy decided not to go and just deal with the pain, We honestly can’t afford another medical bill if they didn’t write a report up for the Workers Comp.

This wasn’t the first and probably not the last incident to happen,  continue to worry everyday when he goes to work what will be in store next. My only hope is that God will protect him and find him a better and safer job soon!

All I can really pray is, “Lord, Please protect my man!”


Long Distance Relationship

Do long distance relationships really make the heart grow fonder?

The answer for me is yes, But the also make you miserable at the same time.

I’ve been in a long distant relationship for nearly 3 years and let me tell you it sucks! My best friend that brought me into the world (Moma) moved to Tennessee almost 3 years ago. Lately there’s been so much going on and I feel like I need her more than ever….But she’s not here. She’s currently working 2 jobs, One from 8-5 and the other from 6-12. My Dad and 2 brothers live there too so sometimes even having a conversation with her on the phone seems nearly impossible. I might get to visit twice a month due to her living so far away and gas prices seem to just keep rising.


When they first moved to Tennessee they only planned on going and staying three nights a week and now it’s almost 7 days a week. They rarely get to visit due to her two jobs plus my Dad working a full-time job. Financially they couldn’t make it here without him working because their bankruptcy payment is so outrageous. Moma says when the bankruptcy is paid off they might move back, But then again that’s a might.


When I first moved out of Moma’s house here in Virginia I was so happy and excited, When I come back to this empty house all I want to do is cry. Now that I’m a Moma myself and with the stress of everything I just want to feel her arms wrap around me and tell me everything’s gona be alright. Sunday I got to see her, She came in for my nieces birthday party. We all we down to my grandparents house afterwards just to talk for a few minutes. After I hugged and kissed everybody  bye I was pulling out of the driveway and I glanced back. I saw Moma wrapping her arms around my sister’s neck and it hit me, “DD, She’s leaving again. Take one more look because you won’t see her for a while and when she gets home she’ll forget all about this place.”


As I drove out of the holler I felt the warm streams of tears roll down my face, I began crying so hard I could no longer see the road clearly. I pulled over at Pump Log Holler, I took off my hat and folded my hands to pray. I don’t think I’ve sobbed crying like that in a long time, That was the moment I poured my heart out to God.


It seemed like I prayed the same thing over and over again, When I looked up she was parked beside of me. I think even in the dark she knew I’d been crying. She got out and walked over and held me and yes me being a grown woman I balled on my Moma like a baby. I didn’t want to let her go, I wanted her home, But I knew I had to say goodbye.


I left and headed to her old Virginia house less than 3 miles from where I was at and there I found her again. There I begged and pleaded for her to come home even though I knew wouldn’t stay. I said my final goodbye and let her walk out the door, My heart hit the floor.


I walked into the bathroom to get myself together and the there was a note drew on the bathroom mirror in her favorite shade of lipstick and here’s what it read……….


I love you and miss you more than words can say.

I promise I will come home.

Your my baby girl and Mommy needs you as much and more than you need me.

Kiss my babies. 

Love, Mom

I still pray every night that somehow God will find a way to bring her home to Virginia. I need her so bad and miss her so much. All I want is my Moma to finally come home! I hate this long distant relationship. I just want her home….For good.❤❤


                                                                  Our Family:                                                                                From Left to Right; Dumpy, Ireland, Me, Abigail, Jedd, Papaw, Nana, May, Dad, Moma, May’s Momma, Cru 

Me, Moma, and my Brother

Saving The Best For Last?

Saving the best for last, Don’t!


I decided to stop saving the best for last on most stuff. Why wait? Tomorrow may never come and well frankly the next hour may never come ither. I catch myself quite often saving the best for last. I usually wait to fix myself up for outings, Why not feel pretty everyday even if it is just for yourself. Eating dessert first may not be the healthier option, But I’m defiantly all for it! Waiting for Friday night to be date night, Change it to Monday’s so you can start a week off happier with a night with the love of your life.


A lot of people say, “Man! I cant wait ’till Friday!” You never hear people say “Oh Boy! Tomorrow is Monday, I’m so excited.”  I also decided to start planning something enjoyable to do on Mondays so it gives me something to look forward to.

Stop saving the best for last and start enjoying the things you love first! Life is short so live it to it’s fullest!

Well off I go to eat my amazing white chocolate macadamia nut popcorn and then…Maybe a salad…Doubt it. (Laughs)

Rebel Against The Devil!

When your head tells you to obey, But your heart say NO!

It seems I’ve not always been you typical girl. I grew up in Southwest Virginia enjoying the great outdoor with my Moma. We like to hunt, fish, go camping, ride 4-wheelers, drive thru creeks higher than our cab door. I wouldn’t say during this time I was really a rebel, Just really outdoorsy.

I was about 2 years into my marriage when the rebel in me really came thru. Sometimes I think it started with my old car.

(Hold off negative comments till the end)

It was a 98′ Chevy Prizim, I painted her whole body in orange paint and hand painted a rebel flag on top! I wanted a Duke’s of Hazzard car but all I had was $500 so I created the “Redneck General Lee“.

During Mid January of my 2nd year of marriage I went to SWVCC to be a welder, Later that year I opened a small town garage located right in my Moma’s garage. While I was going to college I got mixed up in the wrong crowd and began drinking. Who doesn’t know where the rest of that story is going? Anyway, along with the drinking I began smoking and thereafter dipping. Yes, A female began dipping and being frankly honest I still do.

After my husband was in a bad car wreck that nearly killed him I found Jesus again. I know I didn’t really find Him because He never left, But I relied on Him again. I found my self back in church again and this time it stuck.

Lately I have tried to become closer to God than ever because I know without Him I am nothing, Well here’s where the Devil comes into play. It seems every time you begin to grow closer to God that when the Devil gives it all He’s got! I decided to dig up the rebel in me and rebel against him so here’s my big plan…

Rebel against Him:

When something is thrown my way I’m going to do everything the Devil don’t want me to do!

Live Game Night Fundraiser! Join Me!

Time To Give Back!


Over the past couple of months I have really been following a story about a little girl who lost her battle to cancer at the very young age of 7. Her Aunt began fundraising for the very hospital they stayed at during her battle. Recently my 6 month old had to have open-heart surgery (Story Coming Soon!) and I know some of what they must have felt.


When your child is hospitalized the least of your worries should be finances. several months before Ireland’s surgery we worried to death over no paychecks, where we was going to stay, how we were going afford to eat everyday, and how was we going to be able to afford the trip?

Thankfully God provided everything we needed and right before her big trip we was blessed with the money we needed!


Sad to say most families deal with all the financial issues that we didn’t and that is why I support St. Jude Research hospital. I decided to give back and help families that are unfortunate and need the help by having an online fundraiser! If you would like to join me for our awesome Facebook Live Telethon Game then keep on reading!


Thank you to all my amazing readers! Love y’all!




Live Telethon Game! Information!


When is our live telethon game you may ask??


Our Live Telethon Game will  be August Sunday the 26th at 5PM!!!

It will also take place LIVE on our (Ireland & Abigail’s Update Page!) Facebook group so make sure you’re a member!


(How to Play):


In order to participate you must make a donation minimum of $5 while our game is live.


In the background you will see I have displayed 13 items, These are divided into 2 sections.

The bottom half is for donations in the amount of $5-$10, The top half is for donations of $11 and up. Under each object is a card with a number on it.


Once your donation is verified then based on the amount of your donation you will choose the lower half or upper half. When you choose your object, Your number will reveal your lucky number marked on our prizes.


Once your package is shown you will have the option for us to reveal it, keep it a surprise or try again for a $5 Donation fee.


(Rules To Play):


#1. To play the game you have to make a donation while the game is live, The link to the donation page will be provided on the day of the game.


#2. Cash and check can’t be accepted as payment.


#3. Once you make your donation live and pick you beach themed item there will be a $5 donation fee if you wish to try again.


#4. When your prize is awarded you can choose to have it revealed live or receive it as a surprise.


#5. The only pick up locations will be at our home or at Tri County Tire with Dumpy.


#6. After the game is over please pick up your awarded prizes within 2 weeks.


(Prices To Play):


To play you must make a minimum donation of $5 to My personal fundraising page for St. Jude at the time of our live game.


Prices Range from: $5 and up


(About Fundraiser):


This fundraiser is In Memory of Ansley Abigail.


Childhood Cancer Awareness is something that seems to be more common. 1 in 285 children are diagnosed by the time they are 15.  250,000 plus new cases each year, 700 children effected daily.


Ansley was diagnosed with Rhabdomyosaracoma at 6 years old. Tracheotomy, feeding tube, box in her chest, lung drip and aggressive chemotherapy and radiation treatments were needed. The  cancer spread to her spin, They then began steroid treatments. After 12 months of treatments she was sent home. The cancer spread to her brain and Ansley passed away at a very young age of 7 years old.


During her stay, Her and her family never had to pay for her treatments, food or housing all thanks to St. Jude’s Hospital.


This fundraiser is in Memory of Ansley and all proceeds go directly to St. Jude’s thru the provided link. Please donate In her name and help spread awareness of childhood cancer!


You can donate by clicking this link: http://fundraising.stjude.org/site/TR?px=5224595&pg=personal&fr_id=89701 or donating the night of our fundraising game.

7 Tips to Run A Successful Online Auction!

Is money ever really easy to earn?

Several years ago I began doing and online auction (DP Sales) on Facebook. I started out earning lots of extra cash for things lying around the house that I didn’t need anymore.


Back then I lived right next to the post office and everyone would pick up at my house, Now that I live in the boonies I meet people a couple of times a week. I used to earn anywhere from 200-400 a week!


What is the downside you may ask? Well nowadays everyone has an excuse..”Hey I can’t meet today, I’ll catch you next week.” When next week arrives they all of a sudden don’t want it or they don’t have the money. I usually have 5-10 of these types of people per week.


So here are my 7 Tips for running a successful online auction!

#1. Set Up Shop.  Start off by setting up your own page by adding a bright background photo, adding members, and fun posts. I like to do giveaways for people who add new members or a drawing for the ones who shows up for first day pick up.

#2. Set your rules. Make a list of your rules and have people agree to them before allowing them to bid. I have a big heart and tend to let people by with stuff, Not anymore!

#3. Safe meeting place.Set your meeting places in a public area. Post Offices, Police Departments, or any place where there are lots of people is a good choice! It’s easy for people to find you and it’s a safe place incase your meeting someone you don’t know.

#4. Bring back up. I usually have someone else with me or I bring my gun for protection. It’s best to be safe than sorry.

#5. Bidding. I usually make my bids in .50 increments or higher. You don’t want any penny bidders or you’ll never make anything. Been there, Done that!

#6. Chances. I usually give everyone 3 chances to meet or pickup before they are removed from the site.

#7. Pictures. When taking photos of your items for sale make sure you have great lighting, a good phone or camera and a clean background. I use a silk white flat sheet for mine.


Hope this helps you to get started on running your very own successful online auction and Remember to have fun and be safe!


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